Better Yourself – Volunteer Special – Wildlife Monitoring Team

Help the Forgotten Landscapes project reintroduce wildlife.  Volunteer for the monitoring team to participate in upland & wildlife monitoring…

Peregrine ©

Peregrine ©

Help take care of some of the region’s most important yet declining wildlife species by carrying out surveys throughout the year. Volunteers spent the winter of 2011-12 monitoring red grouse, which rely heavily on the heather moorland. They’ve also been instrumental in monitoring just what larger effect the Forgotten Landscapes Project has had on the environment. Other wildlife monitoring activities have included recording and photographing at the FLP reed bed creation site where water levels, reed height, signs of mink and other general observations are recorded.

If you’re into birds, you can do the British Trust for Ornithology a massive favour and help out with the monthly Wetland Birds Survery of Garn Lakes Local Nature Reserve. 

Individual Benefits
Mental: Slow down, enjoy a peaceful setting and enjoy the positivity of knowing you are contributing to the progression of nature.
Physical: Enjoy being active and relaxed.
Environmental/ Future Society: Helping the welfare of nature and improving habitats.

To sign up contact: 
Sarah Lewis, Forgotten Landscapes Volunteer Recruitment & Training Officer
E- mail:
Tel: 01495 742335