Top 5 Things for Dads to Explore in Blaenavon

Known for its incredible heritage and beautiful Welsh landscape, Blaenavon is as Dad-friendly as you can get! There is no shortage for cycling or walking trails, and history buffs will be in heaven upon seeing the World Heritage Centre and Blaenavon Ironworks.

History at your fingertips 

World Heritage Centre © Forgotten Landscapes

World Heritage Centre © Forgotten Landscapes

History takes on a new form at the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre for the most dedicated of history buffs. Interactive touch screens and specialized exhibitions are a great fit for any father looking to learn something. A gift shop ensures you will remember you visit, and a cafe makes sure that your dad will not go hungry!

Cyclist on the path © Forgotten Landscapes

Cyclist on the path © Forgotten Landscapes


Cycling: Get on that bike!

For exploring the countryside, the Torfaen Leisure Route is a moderate cycling trail that anyone can complete. It’s also perfect for walkers and horse-riding and a family-friendly trail for a bit of fresh air. Fathers will find sites abound, as the trail passes the Garn Lakes, the Monmouthshire Canal and many other beautiful local sites. The ride is around 18 miles, perfect for a relaxing day out with dad!

Workmen's Hall © Forgotten Landscapes

Workmen’s Hall © Forgotten Landscapes

The Ironworks: Flex your shoveling muscles. 

For those more interested in history, Blaenavon Ironworks is a more suitable location. Built in 1789, the ironworks have some of the best preserved furnaces in the world. There are also a variety of tours and historical reconstructions that will wow your dad into speechlessness.

Taking a Walk around Blaenavon © Forgotten Landscapes

Taking a Walk around Blaenavon © Forgotten Landscapes

Loop your way around Blaenavon and Abergavenny

On the other hand, a walk outside the town and around the country can be more appealing to those dads with a taste for nature. The Iron Mountain Trail is a beautiful walk that winds around Blaenavon and Abergavenny, showing off some of the landscape’s best features. The trail is around 7 miles long and loops in a circle, so that anyone can see the awe-inspiring valleys, ponds, and Tabletop Mountains.

Beautiful Scenery in Blaenavon © Forgotten Landscapes

Beautiful Scenery in Blaenavon © Forgotten Landscapes

Eating and Sightseeing on Train: The Perfect Combination

But your father might be more eclectic. No problem, one of the coolest things that Blaenavon offers is the Heritage Railway. For a fairly inexpensive price, you can ride on the highest altitude railway in England and Wales to see the sights without much work. Many of the trains have a buffet to refresh yourself with during the journey, and pass gorgeous sites you will remember for a lifetime.

 Upcoming Events:

The Hidden Landscape of Forgeside: Exhibiting from May 1st to July 26th

The Education in Blaenavon: Exhibiting from May 1st to June 30th

Archaeological Dig: Join in from June 12th to June 16th

Archaeology Site Tours: Check out what they’ve uncovered from June 15th to June 16th

World Heritage Day Celebration: Party at Blaenavon on June 29th

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