What To Do In June at What To Do In June at Blaenavon World Heritage Site!

Summer has finally arrived, and with it, a slew of things to do in Blaenavon that cannot be matched. Whether you enjoy the low key exhibitions about the history and the making of Blaenavon or the nonstop action of an archeological dig, we wait with anticipated breath for both of them to begin!

Summer at Forgotten Landscapes World Heritage Site ©

Summer at Forgotten Landscapes World Heritage Site ©

Learn your history at an exhibition or a talk 

Enjoy a day at the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre walking and talking through the history of Blaenavon exhibition. The Hidden Landscape of Forgeside began in May, but is still available to see. You cannot miss learning about the hidden history of Forgeside and the story of Aaron Brute’s Bridge, and best of all – it’s free.

The Education in Blaenavon is another exhibition that remains a must-see. Although it began in May, it ends on June 30th, so time is running short! A devastatingly interesting exhibition, you will learn about the history of education and the St. Peter’s School, opened in 1816.

The Blaenavon World Heritage Centre hosts another Talk on June 11th, Life on the Dole in Monmouthshire before 1834. How was Poor Law Relief delivered? What do we really know about Law before 1834? Your chance to find out awaits.

THE BIG JUNE DIG: Unearth the secrets of four ruined cottages

Digging up history! ©

Digging up history! ©

Spend a few days attending an archaeological dig with an expert at the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre from June 12th – June 16th! The site of four ruined cottages promises to offer information on how they lived, what is preserved, how did they live on the land and more.

If you don’t want to actually excavate, you’re in luck! From June 15th through June 16th, there will be Archaeology Site Tours. Find out what the group has uncovered and learn about some of the customs of age-old occupants.



Festival time at Blaenavon World Heritage Site ©

Festival time at Blaenavon World Heritage Site ©

TIME TO PARTY! Attend the Annual World Heritage Day Celebration

Join the celebration of World Heritage Day from 11.30am-4pm in the Blaenavon Town Centre. Don’t miss the heritage costume parade, pony rides, live music and street entertainment on June 29th.

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