Better Yourself – Volunteer Special – Archaeology Group

Sign up today to help save history! Improve the landscape around the World Heritage Site, learn a new skill and help make a difference…

Hill Pits Workday

Hill Pits Workday

Ever wanted to turn back time and discover just how people lived their lives many years ago? Join this group and you’ll do just that. Volunteers meet twice monthly (one indoor and one outdoor learning session) to hone their archeology skills under the watchful eye of experts from Archeology Wales. Complete the scheme and you’ll have the tools needed to complete projects on other sites.

Individual Benefits
Learn about the outstanding history from the area, learn how to find historic evidence and understand what to be an archaeologist. 
Enjoy fresh air and being active.
Environmental/ Future Society: Preserving history of the area to ensure future generations are aware of the areas proud past.

To sign up contact:
Sarah Lewis, Forgotten Landscapes Volunteer Recruitment & Training Officer
E- mail:
01495 742335

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