Better Yourself – Volunteer Special – Dry Stone Walling

Sign up today for dry stone walling! Improve the landscape, learn a new skill and help make a difference…

Learning the historic methods of Dry Stone Walling

Learning the historic methods of Dry Stone Walling

A tricky skill to master, dry stone walling means not only helping to repair and save the region’s numerous historic areas, but also bettering yourself in the process by picking up a completely new skill. Volunteer and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped improve the landscape that relies on the walls to manage the land.

Individual Benefits
Better yourself, learn a new skill, discover a new side of yourself and feel a wonderful sense of achievement.
Physical: Enjoy regular exercise and being active. 
Environmental/ Future Society: Help the landscape remain intact, preserve history, landscape legacy and ensure the countryside is controlled for wildlife.

To sign up contact: 
Sarah Lewis, Forgotten Landscapes Volunteer Recruitment & Training Officer
E- mail:
Tel: 01495 742335


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