The People Behind Forgotten Landscapes…

Behind the Forgotten Landscapes there is an invaluable team of workers, who are pushing the project on.  Each team member plays a different role to ensure that the project is successfully implemented. Whether it’s educating people, building a more environmentally friendly area or changing the landscapes for the future.  

So to give you a better understanding what the different people at Forgotten Landscapes here’s a quick insight for you…

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Name: Sarah Lewis 

Job Title: Volunteer Recruitment & Training Officer

What the role involves:
Developing a trained volunteer workforce to be involved as many aspects of the project work as possible.  Supporting the newly formed constituted community group from this volunteer workforce who will continue to input into the WHS/FLP management plan. 

Why is Forgotten Landscapes important to you:

The beautiful landscapes of Forgotten Landscape

The beautiful landscapes of Forgotten Landscape

The Forgotten Landscapes Partnership Scheme is a unique blending of projects which have achieved a huge amount of varied improvements to the area on different levels, whether involving local people as volunteers, managing the commons by working with local farmers, giving the chance for school groups to learn about the landscape etc.  The area has so much to offer any visitor both in terms of natural and industrial heritage.

To learn more about volunteering contact Forgotten Landscapes today.
Sarah Lewis, Forgotten Landscapes Volunteer Recruitment & Training Officer
E-mail:   Telephone: 01495 742335

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